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The chip is a 20-millimeter square, about 7 millimeters thick, and each day, it dispenses 30 micrograms of a hormone called levonorgestrel, which has already been used in several kinds of contraceptives. 

A woman can turn the device on and off with a click off a button so unlike other contraceptives a woman doesn’t have to go to a clinic to deactivate it. It also lasts up to 16 years. 

The chip is implanted under the skin of the buttocks, upper arm, or abdomen

It was developed developed by MicroCHIPS of Lexington, Massachusetts, the device will begin testing in 2015. The goal is to have it on the market by 2018.


so when u get turned on you turn it on


Welp! As August winds down, I figure its a good time to give another big “Die Young” film update, this time I included everything I have completed up to a certain point. I actually have a bit more then this done as well, and a full update is available on my Patreon! But for now, here is a rough cut of most of the stuff I have done so far! It’s missing a lot of backgrounds, background characters, and other such final tweaks, but I hope you guys enjoy how it’s coming together! 

For those who don’t know, I am doing a fan animated version of my favorite song “Die Young” By Kesha <3

If you’d like to support me and my animation work, please check out my Patreon!


Freddy: “We do not allow this sort of behavior at Freddy’s Pizz- No society as a whole does not allow this.”

Chica: “Ohoho Freddy you’ve been missing out. Oh! Oh! You should really check out this one website it’s called and it has this one story with you and Foxy and you guys are hanging out in the security room-“

Freddy: “Chica no.”

"Please Do Not
Fuck The
—reads the new sign erected by each stage. You can bet Ouija was the cause of their presence, but Freddy Fazzbear’s Pizza refuses to file a restraining order since she spends so much money on pizza and beer. Every year since she was 18, Ouija has had a birthday party at Fazzbear’s, and she pledges to continue to do so. She says she has tried to apply as a night janitor and daytime cook, but Fazzbear’s has turned down her applications each time.

Well i finally did some Five Nights At Freddy’s art… kinda.
My twittersona, Ouija, swooning over Cap’n Foxy of Pirate Cove.

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